Estimated Salary (in NYC): $47,000
Where to Apply: Fashion Jobs CentralStyle Careers, Fashion Jobs
How to Make It: Know your shit when it comes to brands and designers that are hot in the streets.  Be able to think months ahead in regards to trends, and have a great mind for business and the kinds of product you think will sell out.

Buyers use their sense of style and knowledge of trends to anticipate the kinds of gear people will be lining up to cop next season. That means looking for the warmest coats in the summer and the illest swimwear in January. You're always thinking ahead, despite looking fresh for the season. Assistant buyers will weigh in their opinions to their bosses, who usually have the final say on how many units should be sent to the store, if any.

For larger stores, assistant buyers have their own budgets to spend, which they should do carefully, as it means the pressure is much higher for them to make sure the stuff they bring into the store sells out. Successful buyers have a good sell-through rate, and can make boatloads of money.