It's hard to be located in the birthplace of denim and not get the itch to want to make some. Known for their spectacular handmade shirts, the San-Fran based shirting company Taylor Stitch is now entering a new market with their latest collection of handmade denim.

With three raw denim styles available, the 13.5 oz. Japanese Kaihara Mill overdye, the 13.5 oz. Japanese Nishibo Mill slub, and a 14.5 oz. American Swift Mill left hand twill, each pair are finely crafted by hand, down to the littlest detail with the perfect fit in mind for each style. And at $128 a pop, you might be looking at some of the best affordable denim around.

Just like the rest of their goods, they can only make a limited supply by hand, so you better hop on these before you miss out on a great denim deal.  [Taylor Stitch]

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