Rolex is suing a Fort Greene, Brooklyn deli that goes by the name of Rolex Deli for fear that customers could be confused that it's somehow associated with their luxury watches. The company has filed a trademark-infringement suit against owner Shawqu Ali.

But Ali doesn't understand Rolex's arguement. "Apparently, Rolex doesn't know the difference between a sandwich and a watch," he says. "Regular people know the difference." According to him, the State Division of Corporations approved the name before he opened the shop four months ago.

Still, the watch giants want him to change his deli's name, pay unspecified damages, and destroy any signs, posters, advertising, promotional or marketing materials or supplies related to the name.

Ali plans to fight the case. "I used to respect Rolex, but they are making me hate them," he says. "I'll have to sell my Rolexes now" (which he paid $200 for, and insists they're real).

Do you think Rolex has a legitimate reason to sue? Or are they just after the money?

[New York Post]

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