For the holiday season Nike Sportswear is unleashing five limited-edition Destroyer jackets designed after the football teams of Oakland, Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, and Detroit. City-specific imagery and local slang bring each piece further into the respective urban communities, with the number 51 being a prominent decoration on some of the jackets, referring to Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman's college football number.

Detroit's black-and-white color scheme pays homage to the city's punk and hardcore music scene and feature's the area's 313 area code. Miami heads will be glad to find the orange sleeves, which are a nod to the Hurricanes and Dolphins, as well as various coastal imagery. Oakland residents will find designs informed by the cultural iconography of the Bay Area. Meanwhile, history heads and Philly fans should be pleased by the Revolutionary War-inspired imagery on that jacket, while New Orleans citizens will recognize the iconic fleur-de-lis.

Need one in your life? These drop on Thursday, December 8. Of course, they're available in limited quantities — 8 per city, and 8 of each at  New York's 21 Mercer and LA's Montalbán. So get your hustle on.