Corey Miller’s success as a tattoo artist was earned in unlikely places: the backs of barbershops and bars, and even his own basement. His current digs, the Six Feet Under Tattoo Parlor in Upland, CA, are a far cry from those humble beginnings, but Miller’s talent could not stay buried for long. The former “LA Ink” star gave us a list of his favorite celebrity tattoos, so we thought we’d break them down for you.

1. Anthony Kiedis

The Red Hot Chili Peppers front man is famous for his Native American-inspired tats, a theme that happens to run strong in Corey Miller’s work. The eagle totem on his back is the most recognizable of Kiedis’s many pieces.

2. Jason Giambi

The controversial baseball player has body artwork that’s as brash as his swagger. Giambi was never afraid to put a team on his shoulders, perhaps because one features a maniacal skull and the other a snarling dragon.

3. Jesse James

One of Corey Miller’s own clients, this motorcycle maestro is best known for his tattoos… ok, so maybe at this point he’s famous for other reasons as well, but it doesn’t mean you can’t respect the artistry on display.

4. James Hetfield

Another guy who Miller has worked on, this icon of heavy metal has a mix of the holy and the profane throughout his torso, with saints and doves inked right alongside roaring hellfire.

5. Travis Barker

It’s hard to know where to start describing Travis Barker’s tattoos, but we can safely say no one loves being in the chair more than this guy. Among his other loves he counts Cadillacs and boomboxes.

6. Mike Ness

As lead singer of Social Distortion and now an acclaimed solo artist, Mike Ness has put his stamp on rock and roll, and it has put its stamp on him. How else can you interpret the words “pain” and “love” inked across the knuckles of his right and left hands?

7. Wendy O. Williams

The late “W.O.W.” was a true trailblazer in both punk rock and badass womanhood. As lead singer of the Plasmatics, she screamed, growled and blew stuff up, and earned the right to be called the first girl with the dragon tattoo.

8. Henry Rollins

Another punk icon, Henry Rollins has become the thinking man’s rock renegade. But just because he’s into spoken word doesn’t mean we don’t take the motto “Search and Destroy” emblazoned across his back seriously.

9. Mike Tyson

We don’t know what he was thinking (or if he was just wasted) when he got the now legendary tribal face tat, but it has somehow made him both more intimidating and more approachable.

10. Kenny Aronoff

Most recognizable from the early days of John Mellencamp’s career, this hugely successful studio and tour drummer is also known for his inkwork.

11. Tony Stewart

The Nascar champion presents a squeaky clean image, but there’s some fine tattoo work lurking under all those corporate logos.

12. Pink

Pink’s tattoos run the gamut from subtle and feminine to loud and aggressive—not unlike her music. Rather than condense her work in one area, Pink has her tats spread out over her body, making the task of tracking them all down a real challenge (but one worth accepting).

13. Joel Madden

Another rocker rocking the sleeves, Joel’s ink is rivaled only by that of his brother Benji. We have not checked every inch of Joel’s body for a portrait of Nicole Richie, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

14. Steve-O

The self-portrait on Steve-O’s back is one of the most brilliantly irreverent celebrity tats out there. Clearly the work of a great artist, it manages to poke fun at the dude wearing it while still looking totally radical.

15. Billy Idol

The great snarler of the 80s has a very 80s post-apocalypse biker mama on his arm that no doubt gave many young men of the era some very bad ideas.

16. John Mayer

As if to prove he is a rock star after all, John Mayer has one sick sleeve covering his left arm. This intricate, Asian-inspired piece does make him sorta cool.

17. Adam Levine

Not unlike John Mayer, Adam Levine also has his left arm sleeved. The Maroon 5 front man actually has several tats, many of them with an avian theme. We presume he got them to impress chicks.