Jason Dill is the shit. Everyone knows it. So when Vice Magazine sat down to discuss a few of his favorite subjects; skateboarding, Supreme in the '90s, his contributions to his label Fucking Awesome, and more. 

We won't distract you from reading this interview and basking in his awesomeness, but here are some of our favorite quotes.

On hanging out at Supreme as a teenager:

"I remember being out front of Supreme in '94 with zits and a shitty, kinda pompadour, hair style. I was about 17 and just soaking it all up. All the brown girls walking by the shop were all so good-looking and just fucking ruling, but I was really shy so I was just observing everything. I remember one girl — well, she was more like a woman, actually — who was so hot. She'd come by and say hi to all the boys at the shop, and I would just stare at her in awe. She was much older than me, but many years later I spent a few nights with her. It was rad."

On Fucking Awesome:

"I only make something when I feel like it's right, or if I have the right materials. I don't use the Internet, I find everything I put out by hand, and sometimes I don't find enough material, or I make stuff and then I just don't like it. Also, Fucking Awesome isn't seasonal, it's just there when it's there, and I don't make much of it. I constantly shoot myself in the foot from a business standpoint actually 'cause I make it for sale but at the same time I don't want you to have it. It's a bit of a personality disorder company. "

And lastly, on why he took a break from Fucking Awesome:

"Because I was more interested in blacking out and consuming drugs. I was in search of non-reality, and I had a great time."

Check out the rest of the interview over at Vice Magazine.

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