7. The Age of “Authentic”

Many of the trends currently manifested in men’s style are bigger than just chambray shirts and jeans. Heritage brands and conscientious consumerism are movements, not just selling points.  But this has spawned a whole new vocabulary for menswear, a questionable one at that. Handmade. Organic. Crafted. Possibly the very worst modifier and the most commonly abused is Authentic. Capital A.

It’s not like you have to be on Everest to rock a down parka and hiking boots, or be in a factory to wear a workshirt and canvas pants—but it’s time to check your shit when you’re wardrobe becomes so Authentic that you’re a walking period piece.  And if you look like you bought all of your clothes at Tractor Supply for $60 except you actually bought them online and spent over $600, you should probably take some time away from your credit card to find yourself.