4. Everyone Looks the Same

You know that feeling when you walk into a party and you’re feeling pretty fresh? Brand new sneakers (rare ones) and a snapback that you just copped, only to find that some other fool is rocking the same gear? And he looks like a tool. Yeah, that sucks. Now imagine that times a million.

One thing that the Internet has done is made is super easy for any guy to dress well. Follow a few of the "right" menswear blogs and you’re all set. So, now every guy dresses “well.” In other words, every guy dresses the same, and the more they dress that way, the more shit they buy, the more brands and shops make and sell that shit, and the perpetual cycle of white soled boots, colored chinos and chambray shirts goes on ad infinitum. (You might be thinking, “but those things are classic, been around for years, decades, even,” let me assure you, friend, five years ago it wasn’t so easy to find a pair of slim chinos or a well-fitting oxford shirt.)

Say what you will about the sneaker and hoodie craze of the early aughts, at least there was some differentiation.