In the same Stylelist interview where Thom Browne talks about Tokyo, his father and fast fashion collaborations, he says he wouldn't rule out doing a line with Swedish retailer, H&M. We think it would be a great idea. You can't beat a Thom Browne tailored gray suit with an H&M price tag.

When asked if he would ever consider doing a fast fashion line with H&M or Target:

"You know, I would never say never, but with those sort of things I really have to want to do and have the time to do it, but it really comes down to the people. I have done projects with Brooks Brothers before because they are an amazing group of people – the collection I do for Moncler is the same, I respect what they are as brands and so it really depends on that. I think that is the only real way collaborations work, when the two parties understand each other and understand where each person is coming from. I just did a collaboration with Rei Kawakubo at Comme des Garcons in Tokyo for Fashion’s Night Out and that was a huge success."


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