21. Obituary The End Complete (1992)

By this point, surely, some of you are surprised that there aren’t more obvious Black and Death Metal covers in this list. Mostly because I think they are all pretty crap to be honest and whilst some, like Cannibal Corpse have really gone out of their way to shock the hell out of everyone I don’t really rate the artwork for arts sake. Anyhow, this on the other hand is amazing. Aside from the fact that this album sold more records than all of your favourite mixtape hip-hoppers of the last ten years put together, the logo is instantly recognizable and readable and well, it’s SO Obituary it’s not even funny.  Released in 1992 this was every parent’s nightmare — pure stoner devil worshiping death metal. Rob Mayworth designed the logo, and Andreas Marschall designed the cover for this beauty.

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