For many of us who grew up skateboarding in empty parking lots and homemade parks, it's impressive to see how far the sport has come. We're on TV now and hold down some of the biggest endorsement deals on the planet, but in the end - we're still just a bunch of geeks who used to drool over the latest CCS and Active mail-order catalogues.

2011 was a great year in skateboard design. From major artist collaborations to cool guy fashion brands, we were treated to an assortment of a creative decks this year. Whenever we're after a new board, we usually check out KCDC, one of NYC's premier skate shops.

If you're not familiar with Amy Gunther, she's an owner of KCDC, WeSC Activist and an authority on the skate scene. Amy and a panel of her finest arranged a list of their favorite skate decks from the year. Join us as we count the very best from 2011, so far.

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