Regularly Reads: Mister Mort, Put This On, Styleforum, The Reference Council
Favorite Things: Twitter, Old People, Anonymous Comments
Most likely to use the term: “Gross.”

He's seen it all, and is no longer impressed by anything. For the past couple of years he has witnessed the decline of civilization as he knew it. Cuffed pants? Skinny jeans? Sweaters as outerwear?! What happened to the days when men were men? They didn't dress to impress each other with bandannas artfully folded into breast pockets. They talked about women and alcohol amongst each other, not Loro Piana fabrics and up-and-coming menswear designers! It's not that he really hates everything, he's just been around so long that his taste is very particular. He knows what he likes and will not stray from it, and for that uncompromising dedication — as well as his hilariously snarky commentary, we salute him.

He probably has...
A Pair of Levi's Vintage Clothing 501 Jeans, $215
An Engineered Garments Coleman Jacket, $389
An AARP Card, 

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