The Made-to-Measure Hip-Hop Fan

Regularly Reads: The GQ Eye, How to Talk to Girls At PartiesFuck Yeah Menswear, Nice Try Bro
Favorite Things: Drake, Brands with Italian Names, Profanity
Most likely to use the term: “Neapolitan Trapwear.”

He prefers his clothes made by old Italian men with names like Giuseppe, Stefano, and Antonio. He geeks out over pick-stitched lapels, half-canvassed sportcoats, and fabrics so luxurious the tailors charge you just to look at them. He wears double monk strap shoes because tying laces is for peasants. Yet, his taste in music couldn't be further removed from his clothing obssession. A look at his twitter feed is a mixture of style advice and Take Care lyrics repurposed into verses about buttondown shirts and tweed trousers. He watched The Throne three times. Twice in a bespoke salmon-colored double-breasted suit, and once in a Thom Browne shirt made of former New Era fitteds. He is the living version of luxury rap, who just happens to be the whitest kid on the block.

He probably has...
A Comme Des Garcons Double-Breasted Jacket, $1,039
A Luciano Barbera Spread Collar Dress Shirt, $350 
Rocksmith x Wu-Tang C.r.e.a.m. Snapback, $34
A Pair of Shoe Passion Double Monks, $278