The Teenage Tumblr Addict

Regularly Reads: gaws, Nickel Cobalt, NOVH, Justin Chung Photography
Favorite Things: Mark McNairy, Living at Home, People with Tattoos
Most likely to use the term: “Rebloggable.”

He went through puberty on the same day Michael Williams first launched "A Continuous Lean." His first love was, where he would show off his ample wardrobe of Common Projects sneakers, Nudie Jeans, and American Apparel v-necks. He's older now though, and smarter. He is growing his first mustache and just bought a pair of Lanvin cap toe sneakers. He is grown because he posts photos of naked chicks with tattoos on his tumblr. He says the word "fuck." A lot. He cares more about his anonymous Internet followers than he does his own parents. They don't understand. They didn't think it was a big deal that Justin Bieber wore Junya. He'll show them one day. Just wait. He'll turn those reblogs into dollars, and they'll all be sorry.

He probably has...
A Junya Watanabe Fair Isle Sweater Blazer, $1,320
A Gant Rugger Solid Oxford Shirt, $98
A Credit Card They Don't Pay For, Chase Credit Cards Info Here