The Vintage Motorcycle Enthusiast

Regularly Reads: The Selvedge Yard, 10Engines, Bike Exif, A Time to Get
Favorite Things: Steve McQueen, Motorcycle License, Small-batch Whiskeys
Most likely to use the term: “Badass.”

He lives for the open road. When he's not catching up on Sons of Anarchy he's rewatching The Great Escape for the 612th time. He knows more about fuel tanks, pistons, and kick-start pedals than he does about his own children. He gets turned on by the smell of leather and rubber, but only when they're together. Don't get it twisted though. He can outdress the fuck out of you. He is Marlon Brando in The Wild One with the ability to turn into Jay Gatsby when the occasion calls for it. He sees himself a living, breathing shot of American-made whiskey. Rough around the edges with a reputation for trouble, but during the right times, capable of being perfectly smooth.

He probably has...
A Schott Heritage Perfecto Jacket, $995
A Pair of Rag & Bone Driving Gloves, $325
A Rockhard Solid American Classic Open Face Helmet, $81