The “I Speak in Pictures” Blogger

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Most likely to use the term: “Classic.”

He is a man of few words, but many photos. His life flashes before your eyes — and your instagram feed. Shell cordovan brogues, expensive sneakers, a hint of that limited-edition flannel shirt from a Japanese streetwear brand whose name you can't quite pronounce. He does not humblebrag, the pictures do that for him. "Oh today? Today I'm just driving around the Italian countryside in a Maserati on loan from my buddy Lapo Elkann." See, other guys would tweet that shit. But him? He snaps a photo of the debonair automotive heir, sitting shotgun, giving a thumbs up. 

He probably has...
An iPhone SLR mount, $249
A Frequent Flyer Card, Delta Skymiles Info Here
A Pair of Persol Steve McQueen Foldable Sunglasses, $310