Every November, grade school classrooms are filled with construction paper turkeys, their feathers traced by wobbly fingers. Whether equipped with safety scissors or fine oil paints, artists have drawn inspiration from Thanksgiving Day for well over a century.

In the decades before newspapers were crammed with ads for Black Friday sales, top illustrators designed patriotic pictures that made us thankful for brave soldiers, sexy pin-up girls, and all things American.  Distracting our nation from the darkness of war and economic depression, paintings of bustling kitchens and tables overflowing with food and family became as comforting as a second helping of pumpkin pie.  Black-and-white photography has documented the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the city, as well as holiday antics and anxiety in the suburbs.

Whether your Thanksgiving Day plans include seven courses at your Grandma’s house or Seven Delights at your favorite Chinese restaurant, this selection of Thanksgiving-inspired art (including Norman Rockwell's The Wishbone of 1921) is a feast for the senses.

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