We caught up with the experts at Ape to Gentleman to find the answers to all our grooming questionsIn this installment, the guys give a guide on how to improve your shave; what to do, what not to do, and what products you should use.

By Eli Ankutse

The heart of everyman’s grooming routine is shaving. Whether you are clean shaven, sport some well considered stubble, or opt for a fully fledged beard, you will encounter a razor blade at some point in life. Since the advent of the cartridge razor, the process of wet shaving has been drastically simplified, allowing even the most fresh faced of beginners to obtain a cut-free shave.

There are some that embrace the art form of shaving, and for them Ape to Gentleman have prepared three simple steps to significantly improve your shave, making it an experience to be enjoyed, rather than endured.