You know we are huge boxing fans here at Complex, especially the times when a great fight and dope gear intersect. Why do you think we've recently ranked the 50 Greatest Boxing Outfits? Expected to debut on Manny Pacquiao at tomorrow's weigh-in, check out a preview of this hoodie that's got us excited.

Inspired by Manny Pacquiao's boxing career, and his rank as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Philippiine Army Reserve, Nike prepares to drop the Manny Pacquiao Ultimatum KO Hoodie tomorrow. Arriving in an awesome surplus-inspired wood box and foot locker, the olive green hoodie features Nike Sphere technology that provides insulation and breathability without any extra weight.

Badges on the hoodie honor Manny and his Filipino heritage, with one side depicting the sun and stars from the Philippine flag and the phrase "Pambansang Kamao" above it, a tagalog phrase meaning "National Fist," and one of the beloved pugilist's many nicknames.

The limited edition hoodie will be available through the Nike BOOM app, Niketown Las Vegas and 21 Mercer in New York. On November 12, it’s available at the Montalban in Los Angeles.

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