4. The Original Tattooed Man

Alias: Abel Tarrant
First Appearance: DC Comics: Green Lantern, Volume 2 #23, September 1963

Abel Tarrant is a sailor that’s so smart he can reproduce a mysterious chemical compound he discovered in a lab with utmost ease. Unfortunately his inability to get a real job with his background in chemistry is what got him into the lab in the first place when he tried to rob it. Hello to the irony that is America. That same mysterious chemical left him with the mental ability to create actual objects from it, and has used it to tattoo the necessities he’ll need to steal and fight on his body. From axes to shields to cannons and even a dragon, Tarrant has it all. A Green Lantern villain, the base color for the compound that comprised his tattoos was yellow, which made it super-effective against the emerald hero. But if he was smart, he should have just tattooed diamonds and dollars and left all the hard work to everyone else. Downside to the Tattooed Man: He can only concentrate on one tattoo at a time making him easily defeated if he multitasks, which is how the Green Lantern bested him.