9. Colossus

Alias" Piotr “Peter” Nikolaievitch Rasputin
First Appearance: Marvel Comics: Giant-Size X-Men #1, May 1975

When you’re one of the strongest members of X-Men you’ve got no excuse for shying away from a tattoo needle, unless you’re Colossus. He’s attempted to get a tattoo twice and both times have resulted in him transforming his skin into metal right when the artist is about to start, resulting in broken tattoo guns. It took the “death” of his ladylove Katya — aka Kitty Pride or Shadowcat — for him to finally man up and get one. The result, a heart in the middle of his chest with “Katya” written across it. Some illustrators have gone a bit overboard expressing Colossus’s love and loss for Kitty with a recent mosaic heart tattoo that borders on obsession but then again, she was 14 and he 19 when they started their, um… "friendship."

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