How did you choose where you wanted your locations to be for the stores?

It was majority driven off the fact of where we sold records at, where we had frequented, where we did shows at, where we had the best turnouts at, and where the best fans and the people embraced us at, and then just based on the overall markets, the major markets.  You know, when people come from globally they hit the major cities: Los Angeles, New York. I just tried to follow that trail of where we got our support at.

How involved were the actual Wu-Tang Clan in the design and the garments? 

That was all me. I had a crew of people who worked with me and helped me achieve and do the things that I wanted to do. But that was all my direction, based on how I saw it. At the end of the day, it was just something I made for us, for them to project to the people. They never really actively took a part in it like that, although they were influential in the styling of what it was, just from being who they are and me knowing them as my friends, and now, my business partners.

That's what I would look at also, try to interpret things to make them happy, but you can't always make everybody happy all of the time. The information that I've acquired over time, I've looked at it, and decided to bring it all the way back. Now that the business has grown up, what I understand and what the business understands is far more advanced than what it was when we started Wu Wear, so it's a great time.