Speaking of strategic partnerships, you're also in change of licensing the Wu-Tang name to other brands, so did you sign off on that recent Gap T-shirt?

Yeah, I definitely have something to do with that. It wasn't even a collaboration though so I don't even know what the fuck people was talking about like this was a collaboration. Again, we got tiers of our business. That shirt, that's like a novelty shirt. It's a different situation. It's a licensee situation on the whole music side of what we did. I don't even actively do designs for none of that stuff; I just look at shit and be like "Cool, whatever." Because I know it's money at the end of the day. They was able to get a sale with Gap, boom, it's all good.

If you notice a lot of these spots, be it the Gap, Urban Outfitters, H&M, all of those spots, they're fuckin' with throwbacks, so they're gonna try and get some shit and make some money. It's dope; it's good for the artist; it's good for the people, you know what I mean? 'Cause folks get to see stuff that they may not otherwise have been familiar with, but that shit comes and goes. Unless you're like Jason Wu and Missoni for Target, you see even folks like them aren't discriminating no more and that's the point where you see the business has changed. Because when we started doing this in the era and time in which we were doing it, you either had to be here or there.

Right now that doesn't exist anymore. They got all high price shit with cheap shit. That's what Wu-Tang brand is all about. No matter whatever the fuck they say, everybody is in business to make money. We're not here to twiddle our fingers; we're here to be creative and get money, make money and create money.

Looks like C.R.E.A.M. is as true as ever. Speaking of classic Wu-Tang, how did 1999's Nike Dunk come about?

The Nike Dunk was like a fluke almost. We were so cracking at that time, doing what we were doing at the market, and you know, Nike had never put nobody's name on its shit unless you was a boxer or an athlete or something.

I just think we were so on fire at the moment and you know the big company was always looking to be cool. The little guys make the big guys bigger, you know what I mean? And vice versa. Cats talked about it or whatever and it happened. "Oh shit, our shit is on a Nike!" You know? That was the first part of realizing, like "Oh shit, light bulb goes off!" You know what I mean? You get a little more inspiration to keep it going.