Do you think the whole accessibility of fashion has to do with certain artists or labels that helped influence the shift of that low-end/high-end vibe, or is it just time?

I think it's time. There are definitely artists that have been influential and instrumental in that, but I think it's more or less the genre that has evolved and made all of these things possible and took that prejudice away. That's the prejudice that I'm speaking of, not even a racial thing, more or less like: "Yo, I'm an artist and do hip-hop." "I'm a designer; he paints pictures." It was all different shit.

Now see, everything is mashed up, it's all morphed. Bringing it back to guys like Fab Five Freddy, Blondie and all of that. That's what they initiated back then during that era of hip-hop and right now. You got artists, you got musicians, you got musicians that's designers, it's real; it's good; it's dope shit.

That's what the world is about; that's what evolution is about, and it's just showing you that creative people put together all of these things and that's what makes money. Even the President said the things that drive the economy are people who create and people who have thinking minds. Creativity and thinking minds is what moves the world, moves economies.

Where does the business aspect tie in with that notion?

I mean, in this business, just like the entertainment business alike, a lot of times creativity doesn’t mesh with the “Zoot Suit thought pattern,” so sometimes things miss. That's just how it is. That's how it's always been. It's not gonna change, but I think based on the evolution of everything, there's a lot more better partnerships out there now, because there are people with those positions that get it and connect with the talent to make things work.

When we started back then, everything was in its own corner. Music dudes ain't give a fuck about clothes. They was busy trying to sell music. Movie cats ain't care about clothes or music because they too busy trying to sell movies and vice versa. Now, everybody's strategically partnering where it's beneficial, and that's the growth and expansion of where all of this came from.