Kanye West is arguably just as big a fashion icon as rapper, and in a few hours the Louis Vuitton Don will show his women's wear line at Paris Fashion Week. The fits are sure to be a spectacle no doubt, but when we heard it was going to be exclusively for women we couldn't help but flashback to the days of Kanye's first stab at producing his own clothing line.

Back in 2008, "Pastelle" was all the hype, and 'Ye stoked the fires the entire year debuting different looks during most of his sightings. Alas, it was reported in 2009 without much explanation that the Pastelle plan was cancelled and would never see the light of the day.

Pretty disappointing considering that of all the rappers who try to release clothing lines, Kanye would be the most appropriate — and probably the most successful. Perhaps there's other opportunities in fashion for him? To celebrate the loss of what could've been the dopest rapper line since Billionare Boys Club, here's a brief visual history of the now defunct Pastelle line:

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