Do you have $19,000 burning a hole in your pocket, just waiting to find something ridiculous enough to waste it on? Well, here's a pretty awesome sneaker accessory for the 1% out there who just can't buy enough crazy. 

Mr. Kennedy makes handwoven shoelaces from pure precious metals in Colombia. For junior ballers, they are available in silver for a cool $3,000. Only 30 of those will be made. But real Gs will obviously go for the $19,000 24-karat gold joints—not only because gold is dope and only 10 pairs exist, but because they will be hand delivered by a security detail and laced up in your favorite kicks for you, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. 

The other 99% of us will be spray painting our regular ol' laces gold, and not dropping a house downpayment on a couple of metal strings.

[Mr. Kennedy]