21. EVER

EVER made his mark in DC in the mid '90s, but his initial influences were not in the go-go or hip-hop scenes.  Instead he was a part of DC’s decade-and-a-half-old hardcore scene, from which many suburban kids from Maryland and Virginia got introduced to name writing. While many of these writers focused on sharper letterforms, EVER was schooled by EKE who was developing a softer form of letters that maintained the structure of a complex piece. The result was EVER’s take on traditional graffiti lettering that had an air of playfulness when compared to pieces with sharper letter styles, which helped his work to stand out. He also was one of few writers who incorporated character elements into his pieces. EVER also executed several Metro train missions, which were rare for the time. Potentially EVER’s strongest contribution to DC graffiti lay in the many murals and advertisements he painted around the city with his crew END.