CHELOVE is one of the most prominent female graffiti writers in the Washington, DC area.  Raised in Hyattsville, MD, CHELOVE began exploring DC while entering the city to attend punk rock shows at the age of 13.  In 1987 she painted her first attempt at graffiti while hanging out with rude boys, mods, and skinheads in the Georgetown aqueducts.  Not long after, she was caught painting the Motörhead war-pig logo and Specials 2-Tone character in the  parking garages of the University of Maryland.  In 1991 she met Bronx writer DAH, and selected the name CHELOVE.  In a short time she became known for fly ethnic characters, clean letters and fresh color schemes.  CHELOVE has remained active on the DC scene through numerous art commissions and her art and interactive company, Protein Media.