Terry Richardson was at some vampire-themed fashion party where pretty much the who's-who of fashion sipped chamagne and pretended to be devlish bloodsuckers because...when you're really rich and successful and beautiful, being really rich and successful and beautiful can get realling f-ing boring. Costumes make it better. Unless you're Kanye West; he trascends costumes. His costume is just a model on his arm or cheek or both sides...and that's like, erryday, B.

Richardson also got some baller shots of Unkle Karl, former Paris Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, and models like Lindsay Wixson, Ashley Smith, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Joan Smalls and more. What were you doing October 7th? Pretty much: not this. [Terry's Diary]

Update: the party was for Carine Roitfeld in celebration of the publication by Rizzoli of her new book, “Irreverent.”