Feit will be releasing the Reconnaissance collection for Spring/Summer 2012, which includes three new styles: the Superclean Low, the Superclean High, and the Stitchdown. In the shape and feel of a classic court sport sneaker, each style has only 100 pairs available and is hand-made of Goodyear construction.

"This collection is built from the finest Italian vegetable leathers, using minimum, dyes, chemicals and pigments so the hide remains as close as possible to its natural state. The leather breathes as it does in nature. It is non irritant, soft to the touch, ages richly over time and is biodegradable,” says Tull Price, the head of Feit and creative director of rag & bone footwear. He also adds "Feit shoes are built from start to finish by one master craftsman using a unique construction. Each craftsmen signs your shoe once they have been completed."

While Feit products are currently only available online, this limited collection will be available to consumers at select retailers and members of Feit will be able to preorder online. Sign up for your preorder at Feit