Patrik Ervell is one of New York's most innovative fashion designers. He's got racks on racks of awards, and downtown coolguy cred up the wazoo. Since his collection first hit the shelves at Opening Ceremony, he's been steadily building up his brand, developing a cult following among menswear geeks, and establishing himself as an industry mainstay, not just the new kid at school.

This week Ervell will open his first ever stand alone pop-up shop, in conjuction with the creative design nonprofit, Boffo, at 57 Walker Street in Manhattan. The visually striking space, designed by artist Graham Hudson, looks half-finshed (or half-demolished), with raw concrete walls, built up scaffolding, and duct tape floors. Many of the materials were found on the street, including the glass doors used as display tables. The design very much refelects the temporary, transitional nature of the space—which was built out in about a week, and will be open to the public tomorrow through November 2. 

The clothes speak for themselves—knit bombers, modern suiting, and a grip of classic shirts sporting Ervell's signature club collar design are among the highlights. Also, Ervell is introducing his womenswear collection, a smart assortment of pieces spun off of his menswear line. Maybe the best pieces in the shop, however, are the accessories—a leather backpack with horsehair straps, a suede short-brim ball cap and a mix of nordic knit beanies.