Jack Spade and Coca-Cola got together for a selection of bags, tees, and accessories reflecting the soft drink's iconic ad campaigns to celebrate the company's 125th anniversary.

The made-in-USA wool cap is based on a double "C" logo from the brand's archives, and the black tote bags reference 1963's "Things Go Better With Coke" slogan. Each tote bag has a food item (and one mouth), and the opposite side is a Coke can.

The Jack Spade "It's The Real Thing!" Coal Bag is a definite standout, combining a durable 22-oz tarp cloth cotton canvas with 3-ply cotton yards and branding referencing that familiar 1970s slogan on the front.

There's also a selection of heather gray shirts with various slogans and nicknames for the drink, and a branded iPhone case. [Jack Spade]