No doubt about it, Ne-Yo's got some jams. We still sing "So Sick" in the shower and listen to "Miss Independent" when nobody's looking, but can we have a hat intervention for dude? Hairloss is inevitable for most people, and guys tend to give-in to Mother Nature and shave their heads clean, but Ne-Yo here prefers to cover his dome with fedora after fedora after fedora. NO MORE FEDORAS PLEASE. Who are you, Frank Sinatra?

We heard news of his own hat line coming soon, and we know it's his 32nd birthday today, so we want to provide the R&B singer and producer with more options of headgear. His hair is never coming back, and he refuses to let himself perform bald, so here's our gallery of the 10 Hats Ne-Yo Should Wear To Cover His Receding Hairline.