Who wants mass produced footwear when you can same "make me a pair!" and you literally have a pair handmade just for you? That's what Feit is offering up for their spring/summer 2012 line of handmade shoes. All you have to do is be a member (which takes all of 25 seconds to sign up for), and you have your picking of a few colorways for their Handsewn Lows ($385), Highs ($439), and the classic desert boot Stitchdowns ($414), all of which have veggie-tanned Italian leather, Goodyear construction, and a capacity of under 36 pairs able to be made. That's pretty damn special, if you ask us.

Sign up to become a Feit member on their website, and get instant access to pre-order these shoes for the next 13 days, which are set to ship out, special to you, beginning of 2012.