One viral video is still amassing views and comments. Legions of fans gathered to make a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account, as well as official posts for discussion on message boards. This one video is so popular that it was referenced in lyrics, led to a mixtape, and has inspired people to come up with new jokes to this day. This video was made famous by the legendary, Chopper City from Diddy's "Making the Band".

Chopper City, from the defunct rap and R&B group Da Band, decided to release a video on dissing his former group mate, Ness. This 12 minute verbal onslaught by Chopper made a statement to Ness that he will not back down from him or anyone! We don’t really care. No one else seems to either, but we all love to comment on that suit. Suits are usually tailored, and even off-the-rack suits have to be altered to fit. Chopper didn't know that, and he wasn't the only one. Big suits, which will forever be known as Chopper Suits, have found their way onto the red carpet, on stage on NBA Draft day, and then worn by some A-list celebrities as well. So before you reacquaint yourself with the video and its priceless comments, check out our list of Big Suit Fails: Celebrities Wearing Chopper Suits