New York City's Zuccotti Park is currently teeming with protesters for the Occupy Wall Street demonstration. Their goals are... well, we aren't really sure what their goals are, but we are definitely down with bringing down The Man. However, looking like a dirty hippie and crapping in alleys is a movement that we can't get behind.

In an effort of give the protesters some better footing to take on the well-suited downtown bankers, Suits for Wall Street is raising money to donate thrift store suits to protesters. The campaign hopes to utilize the suits as "Subversive Business Outfits as Tactical Camouflage." We're all for looking sharp, especially if it's for something you believe in. However, ill-fitting suits are never okay, no matter what the cause.

So, in the spirit of the movement, we're here to help. Check out these five suits, all of them under $500, and five pairs of shoes to match, all $100 or less. Because hey, looking sharp while overthrowing the government? That's something we definitely can't protest.