48. Aggroman

Is this actually a good logo or does it just represent an important (albeit completely absurd) part of BMX? Aggroman was a video from 1989 which featured Mat Hoffman riding at an absurd level that was above and beyond what the rest of the BMX world deemed possible. It would have been one of the best video parts in history had it been a straight rider section like a modern BMX video. So progressive and so ahead of its time. As it was though, in a homemade movie Mat played the superhero/ ninja fighter Aggroman on an epic quest of chromoly steel. It's an awful video! But it's the most awesome video at the same time… so goofy and silly and backed up with amazing bike riding. Anyway, the Aggroman logo ends up here if only because Hoffman BIkes just re-released that graphic on a shirt and I can't help but really want one.