Looking for fine art at budget prices? Have no fear, the Affordable Art Fair opens tomorrow in New York City.

The fair offers works ranging from $100 to $10,000 (with most under 5 grand) and highlights some of the world's most exciting contemporary art. In addition to art for sale, the fair will feature the first live installation in the United States by Australian artist Emma Hack. She's a "body illustrator" and will be spending the fair seamlessly blending beautiful models into wallpaper.

The Affordable Art Fair runs from September 22 to 25, 2011.

7 W New York, 7 West 34th, New York, New York. 

Preview a few highlights by flipping the thumbs. From left to right: Dilka, Blue Day, from LE SAINTS GALLERIE; Chad Kouri, Urine Hell, from THE ART DOSSIER; Hayoung Kim, Desperate Girls, from ARTSTAR; and Clade, Australia, from ARTERIA.

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