Gaming Tables

All right nerds, this one's for you! Ever bring a girl home and she sees your Dungeons & Dragons books piled high and all your character sheets and gaming shit is forming clutter in your room? Yeah, no need to roll a D12 to tell you that there's gonna be no dice there, homie.

Thankfully, the folks at Geek Chic offer up two well-made tables to help you indulge your fantasies (the ones with dragons, not the ones with Kate Upton) in a safe spot that goes from super-nerdy to super-subtle. The Sultan gaming table features secret drawers, fold-out player stations, cup holders, a customizable rail system, and hardwood dice towers. They also make the slightly smaller Vizier table, which converts into a conveniently-sized dining table. Virgin dungeon masters around the world — consider this your saving throw. 

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