New Balance Super Team 33 Fish


Back in 2007, nobody gave much of a toss about "Made in the USA." Yeah, we know, New Balance is on it now in 2011… but, don't forget their homage to the factory worker began several years earlier. Props are due, of course, to NB UK who have regularly highlighted the Flimby factory, even honoring key employees with the biographical "Flimby Heroes" collection of 2006 (the best of the brand's centennial celebrations) and giving nods to the region in the Lake District pack this year.

The Super Team Collection, set up to highlight the brand's best workers and craftsmen, kicked off with a trio of 1400s inspired by fish and produced in the Skowhegan, Maine factory (the best known of six New Balance factories in America). The boxes, featuring clear sidewalls, maximized the fish concept — produced to look like fish tanks — and serve as reminder of when ideas are pushed beyond footwear to a thorough and complete package.