New Balance x Crooked Tongues "Confederacy of Villainy" Collection


New Balance collaborations are dropping all over the place, but in late 2006, the Crooked Tongues team were looking to package their UK-made 'Confederacy of Villainy' pack celebrating some well-known villains (and rewriting history for the purposes of colorway convenience), and wanted something beyond the neutral beige of the contemporary box (alas, the black/red and white/light blue days were over). To encase the special makeups of the 1500, 577, 575 and 991, each shoe got its own box with the fine fonts and art skill of tattooist and Crooked crew member Mr. BJ Betts applied. That slide-out case encased the shoes in their standard packaging. With four boxes (and custom tongue tags instead of basic branding) for a release that barely topped 150 pairs of each colorway in terms of numbers, each UK-made like the shoes themselves, the packaging alone cost around $30 a piece. That made this quadrilogy of standard-setters an underrated, truly unprofitable release, and with masses of new jacks hopping aboard the New Balance hype train, you probably missed out on one of the greatest 1500s ever and a 577 that still blows minds. The UK overstands how to do a New Balance correctly.