Nike Baby Huarache 


Most shoes look awesome in miniature —  especially the more technical pieces. Did a baby or toddler need the benefits of the Huarache's contour footbed? Of course not, yet Nike opted to make performance runners in micro sizes. And whereas the grown-up Huarache arrived in a box with its own identifiers and stark-looking color scheme, Nike's children's range came packaged in the polar opposite, with the lid featuring a vividly illustrated, curiously old-fashioned, faintly nightmarish-looking illustration with baby faces on tennis balls and even a dumbbell that pre-dated 'Teletubbies' by over half a decade, assisted by speckles and an appropriately baby shade of blue. There's probably scope for a top 50 baby and toddler sneaker boxes if it wasn't such an inexplicably creepy prospect. Now we get a takedown of the "real" packaging. It's not as bizarre, brilliant and at odds with the menacing, futurist aesthetic of the time as this box.

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