adidas x Bathing Ape Superstar & Superskate


In 2003, queuing for shoes seemed like a novel thing to do and BAPE was still maintaining that street-level Hermes, neo-Warhol feel. Superstars were looking a little tired too. Salutes to Nigo and adidas for going all out with the "Respect is Mutual" theme. They made the Superstar look beautiful again with that off-white toe and proved that the Superskate was a lost masterpiece. The Superstar's exploded shoe point-of-sale displays remain unsurpassed and the vacuum-packed tees were tremendous. Hangtags completed the no-expense nature of the shoe that justified the expense and ludicrous waits. The boxes followed that attention-to-detail, custom designed and built especially for the collection, with camo stripes and that diagonal stripe ape head making it a clean merger of Nigo and Adi's dual visions, and the perfect vessel for these sought after Superstars. The Bape adidas pieces weren't some project that you'd stumble across weeks after release or find in a sale — the price reflected the work that went into them, but they created a precedent that hasn't been topped when it comes to collaborative sneakers. In comparison, the follow-up looks like a straight-to-DVD sequel without the original stars involved.