When renowned industrial architect Albert Kahn designed the Packard Motor Car Co.'s 3.5 million square foot factory on Detroit's East Grand Boulevard, he probably didn't predict it would become one of the city's premier bastions for street art and underground culture.

Since closing in 1956, the slow death of the gigantic cement and steel structure eventually became a haven for graffiti artists, filmmakers, photographers, urban explorers, and others who have become fascinated with this symbol of urban decay, including artist Ron English.

Currently on a Detroit road trip, the artist has been making his mark around the city for the past couple of days, including releasing a balloon based on his Smiley Grin work.

In this series of photos, launched today, English sets about contributing pieces to the ruins of the Packard plant. Like much of his work, art includes send-ups of popular corporate icons from companies like Starbucks and Disney. [Popaganda]