This feature appears in Complex's August/September 2011 issue.

The creator and designer of Freshjive and Warriors of Radness explains his design philosophy, inspirations for this season, and the upcoming book about his life with Freshjive.
“There is no common thread that connects Freshjive and Warriors of Radness—they’re each part of my schizophrenic personality. Each one represents a different person in my psyche.
I started Freshjive in 1989, and I consider it an amalgamation of 21 years of experiment and experience that came to express itself as a neurotic addiction, but it’s mainly a hateful disdain for bamboozling commercialism.
Warriors of Radness is my straight-up Southern California fun, sun, beer, good times, surf, beach, women-chasing, brash-branded label."
(Photography by J. Shott; Freshjive Boondocks Jacket $156,  Barrier Crew Sweatshirt $94, Double Ox Shirt $88, Slim Cargo Pants $102 Available at Reserve Store)