You can rock jeans every day of the year, but it's been hot lately, and depending on what you do, sometimes even the finest selvedge doesn't make the cut at the office. So it's fitting that chinos have gotten a bit of a bump in the trend sphere this summer. Click on to check out the three trends in chinos that are making khakis trend this season, and then vote on which chino trend for summer is your favorite.   


Would we like to rock shorts all day every day? Sure. But unless you're at the beach or a weekend party, they usually push the boundaries of decency (sorry bro, no one wants to see your kneecaps). The next best thing is mimicking shorts by cuffing a pair of summer chinos. They're the appropriate way to show off your deck shoes, and it makes you look all grown-up like. Get 'em Gatsby.


Remember when khakis had pleats? Good. Us neither. Flat front look mimics the cut of denim, and it's the way to go. This style of chino allows for a solid fitted look, something the blooming waistlines of the 80s missed by a mile. 


This trend has come in and out of denim, but on khakis with a similar jeans cut, it takes the idea to a whole new place. Distressed khakis show that you know how to work, and know how to play, hard.