Summer Invitational is an eleven-artist group show being held at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea. Nicoletta Ceccoli, Edwin Ushiro, Daniel Martin Diaz, Yuko Shimizu, Meryl Smith, Melissa Haslam, Eric Fortune, Hello Monsters, Jennifer Delilah, Dickchicken and Above, all come together for one of August's most exciting exhibitions here in NYC. 

Summer Invitational will be running in conjunction with Olek's The Bad Artists, Imitate, The Great Artists Steal

Exhibition runs: August 10 to 27, 2011.  

Jonathan LeVine Gallery,  529 W 29th Street, 9E, New York, New York. 

All installation photographs by Justin Korkids.

Our gallery takes an inside look at the exhibition installation and a close up view of the work from Melissa Haslam, Daniel Martin Diaz, Eric Fortune, Dickchicken, and Above.