Written by Layla Bermeo. 

On August 9, 1930, Fleischer Studios introduced a new crooning cartoon. She had the head of a poodle, the body of a pin-up girl, and the charming catchphrase, “boop-oop-a-doop!” Over the next two years, her floppy dog ears became sassy hoop earrings, her wide eyes and pouty lips became the envy of every modern "It" girl, and she became known as the incomparable Betty Boop.  

She was the first cartoon girl who was no joke. In over 100 Fleischer animations, she went from batting her eyelashes and giggling girlishly to flying airplanes and taming lions. She kept audiences on the edge of their seats, whether they were watching her plunging necklines or plucky attitude. Once crowned the “Queen of Cartoons,” Betty Boop continues her reign over eighty years later. 

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