44. CROOKS & CASTLES Medusa Head

Inspired By: Versace Medusa Logo

Crooks & Castles designs aren't famed for their subtlety, but their frequently thugged-out luxury vision is one that rose to the top after plenty of grind behind the brand. Using the Versace Medusa head logo as a jump-off was a statement of intent, that these LA-based brand builders were looking to the total lavish lifestyle approach (which ties to the Gucci colors and Epi leather on their Vans colabs too) of one of Italy's greatest as inspiration. When you see Crooks & Castles in a department store environment it's proof that the crew are making money and thinking big - that justifies the swagger. An insular cool-guy approach will only get you so far. Crooks also made like BAPE and released a timepiece tribute too with their Chanel J12 homage. The likes of Crooks, LRG and 10Deep think big but maintain integrity.