46. BAPE Bapex

Inspired By: Rolex Submariner

Yeah, get commenting below and saying this list sucks, but the Bapex was a testament as to how crazy things got a few years back when we were all infected with the Bathing Ape fever. Nigo could go far beyond printed cotton to Pepsi bottles and simian-themed tributes to the Cazal and Versace shades, but the popularity of the Bapex homage to the Rolex Submariner took streetwear to new levels of aspirational luxury. Was it a straight-faced move, or a play on Canal Street "deals" on Roolex and Rolax watches? Whatever the aim, it was a new approach to the knockoff Rolex and proof that BAPE was closer in spirit to the luxury houses and brands it fetishized than a straightforward screen print operation.